“Marilena draws you in through her conversational writing style.  It is like she is sitting with you over some Greek salad, tzatziki and fries (and of course ouzo) and telling you her experiences firsthand.”



WOMENEMIES: And How To Eliminate Them identifies and discusses the common ways women are enemies, or womenemies, to each other and sets guidelines to eliminate their existence.

The term womenemies has universal appeal as the book highlights issues many women experience with each other (gossip, the other women, mother-in-laws, etc.) all over the world.

Womenemies should be read for yourself, your mother, your wife, your friend, your daughter, your female colleagues, and for that woman you haven’t met yet who will need your uplifting, support and friendship.

This is a must read!

Featured book

In a few days, Womenemies sequel will also be published in Greek, a book that will show how sometimes women treat ourselves harshly and undermine it and how we do not eliminate this phenomenon.

Presentation of the 1st book

Marilena Fallaris


Daughter, best friend, wife, mother, Greek, American, Norwegian, vice president, attorney, dancer, cook, and ridiculously enthusiastic Seahawks fan are some of the roles and identities that make up Marilena Fallaris. However when asked who she is, she answers, “A crazy Greek who wants to help others.”

Her “on paper” accolades include graduating from the amazing high school that is Lakeside Upper School, graduating from the honors program at the University of Massachusetts Amherst summa cum laude, graduating Pepperdine Law School magna cum laude, practicing law,  being trilingual, being involved in legal marketing, and managing others to be their best in their careers.

Marilena is most proud of the long-lasting connections she has cultivated with family, friends, and colleagues. She tells anyone who will listen how lucky she is to have parents who sent her to Greece every summer to be with her Greek family, friends, and the overall healing way of life that are Greek island summers.

In America as well, she has her amazing, tight-knit community of family, friends, and colleagues. While they are spread throughout the country, the tight-knit feeling comes from the fact that if she ever needs them, they are just a phone call/plane ride/car ride away.

Marilena lives in Los Angeles, on the west side, with her husband and son. She loves being able to help others, whether in the workforce or in personal areas of their lives. In her everyday interactions, she aspires to coach, uplift, and be a resource to others who are trying to be the best version of themselves.