Lesson from moving - part 2

Lesson from moving - part 1

The legacy for our children - compassion

Working mum,how redundancy is this word?

Let's talk about comparison

I feel paralyzed,but..

What if?

Go with an open heart

Shake your body

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Boundaries in the holidays

Take a breath, it's fine!

How workaholic are you?

Let's start over

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Why so tough on yourself?

Dealing with the knots in our lives … and our jewelry boxes !

Reward yourself and listen to the voice that tells you that you are worthy

How women should not isolate themselves and the importance of community

Listen to your body and your soul! The soul, especially, doesn't get stitches!

And you, what do you believe? Is taking care of ourselves selfish?

Morning walk in Chania

Putting Others Before Ourselves

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Marilena discusses her book Womenemies: And How To Eliminate Them on the Breakfast Leadership Podcast! Here are ways to listen:


iTunes:  https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/interview-with-marilena-fallaris/id1207338410?i=1000471055500


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Womenemies: And How To Eliminate Them receives a 5 Star Review from Red Headed Book Lover!

Check out the review here: https://redheadedbooklover.com/womenemies-and-how-to-eliminate-them-marilena-fallaris/

Marilena and her book Womenemies featured on ZBooks Successful Authors Podcast!

Marilena had a blast talking about her book Womenemies: And How To Eliminate Them, Greece, Life Advice and much more!

Listen to the full interview at http://www.zbooks.co/2020/03/womenemies-with-marilena-fallaris.html or on the Apple Podcast – https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/womenemies-with-bestselling-author-marilena-fallaris/id1412482607?i=1000469759213

Greek-American Superstar Kalomira Features Womenemies In Her Monthly Giveaway!

Greek-American Superstart Kalomira, aka The Giveaway Queen, featured Womenemies: And How To Eliminate Them in her March giveaway. Congratulations to Pamela Spyrs for winning a signed copy!

Check out the post and Kalomira’s IG page here – https://www.instagram.com/p/B-Cc_KBJm0o/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

You can see Kalomira’s giveaways at https://www.thegiveawayqueen.com/

Greek Reporter Runs Article On Womenemies on International Women’s Day!

On International Women’s Day, Greek Reporter featured an article on Marilena’s book Womenemies. The title of the article is “Womenemies: Greek-American’s Brave Account for Women’s Empowerment Becomes Best Seller.”

Having followed the Greek Reporter for year, it was an honor to be featured in it, especially on International Women’s Day.

Check out the whole article – https://usa.greekreporter.com/2020/03/08/womenemies-greek-americans-brave-account-for-womens-empowerment-becomes-best-seller/

Attorney Launches Best Selling Book

Contact Name Paul Brodie
Phone Number 469-323-6238
Email Brodie@BrodieConsultingGroup.com
Website www.BCGPublishing.com


Arlington, Texas, February 19, 2020 – Womenemies – written by Marilena Fallaris has just concluded a successful book launch on Amazon with the book ranked as a #1 Best Seller in multiple categories.

The book identifies and discusses the common ways women can be enemies, or womenemies, to each other and sets guidelines to eliminate their existence. The goal of the book is to support and uplift our fellow women!

This a truly uplifting book! Once you’ve read it, you’ll want to share it with all the women you know, who will all wonder why this wasn’t available before they started out on the journey called womanhood. Be inspired, inspire others, be empowered, empower others, share love and hope and build strong relationships. Start by reading this book. An entirely modern approach for an age-old problem. Buy the book, you’ll enjoy it and won’t regret it!
– Jan O’Connell

The book, published and marketed by BCG Publishing is available on Amazon in kindle and paperback formats.

Marilena Fallaris can be reached at marilena@womenemies.com and www.womenemies.com for speaking, coaching and consulting opportunities.